BurstVR Stem Series

BurstVR recently demonstrated their IQB Trainer application to a STEM group at Cypress Creek Elementary. The goal of the demo was to introduce a small group of kids and teachers to the VR training technology around the context of something they love – playing sports. STEM is an extremely important initiative as we need more kids not only interested in technology, but also in how to use technology to build products that solve real problems. During the demo, we discussed how the on-field videos are captured, how they are processed, how they make their way into the application, and ultimately how the video content is used for training. Using sports as the basis for this discussion, we saw incredible student engagement – always a great thing to see. All the kids got a chance to experience the application in VR and were noticeably excited about what they saw!

Following the small group demo, we decided to open up the interactions on a wider scale with STEM at Cypress Creek. Starting the week of 02/12, we will have weekly IQB interactions to make sure that all the students in the STEM classes have an opportunity to experience the application. We are extremely excited about the opportunity to connect with the kids and hopefully pique their interest in technology. Who knows, maybe we will plant seeds that lead to future Scientists, Engineers, and even Quarterbacks!

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