QB Country Partnership

QB Country Partnership on the IQB Trainer

On the IQB Trainer mobile VR application, we are partnered with QB Country as our QB subject matter experts (SMEs). Over the past 30 years with VR development, we’ve experience how having the right training SMEs in place contribute significantly to the quality of the product and the overall transfer of training. At the start, we knew this would be a critical aspect of the IQB design and development phases. Following an extensive search, we found QB Country and knew right away they were the ideal fit for us given their proven track record and shared philosophies on training.

David Morris, founder of QB Country, assigned the lead of QB Country Orlando, Charlie Taaffe, to the IQB product team. Charlie has been in the game as a player and a coach for over 45 years, most recently as the Offensive Coordinator at the University of Centra Florida from 2009-2014. The outcome is a 300+ and growing training library tailored specifically for the high school and youth QB. This library progresses in difficulty based on the QB performance within the VR environment, scoring each player interaction. Charlie and David have become key members of the IQB team and were instrumental in the layout of the IQB training library. BurstVR and QB Country are excited about what IQB will bring to youth QBs everywhere!

About QB Country

QB Country is a leader in the QB training and development community, based out of Mobile, Alabama. They have 11 locations nationwide, training QBs at the professional level down to middle school kids. In the 2018 class, 23 of their high school training clients were signed to college scholarships. 103 of their clients have received scholarships over the past 5 signing classes. Learn more at: qbcountry.com

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