About burstvr-logotype

At BurstVR we are driven by athlete training and development. Our products are developed with singular focus of helping athletes improve to dominate their game.

BurstVR is not your average sports training company. We are a sports training technology division within the Raydon Corporation, a leading provider of simulation and training equipment in the defense industry for 30 years. We’ve designed, developed, fielded and currently support over 2,000 active simulation devices across the US armed forces. Many of these simulation and training devices were market firsts in the defense industry.

Our sports training mission is simple, but extremely important — develop world class sports training applications, allowing athletes to safely improve performance and excel in their sport.

We accomplish our mission by applying our proven training system design experience, leveraging innovations in technology, and maintaining customer value as our highest priority. We are driven to increase your performance.

Why BurstVR…

History of Innovation

Our roots were grown from a 30 year history of simulation and training innovation from within the defense industry. There is no replacement for experience.

Cognitive Training

Our applications focus on helping you improve your in-game decision making. By delivering critical training in highly realistic VR environments, you improve without additional physical wear and tear.

Pioneers in VR

We’ve been pioneers in VR since the mid ’90s, with head mounted displays (HMDs) being a core pillar throughout our product lines. We began this journey with VR when HMDs were around $90,000 each.

Mobile VR

Our training applications are designed with mobility in mind from the start. We believe the training needs to be effective and available anytime you are. Train at home. Train at school. Train anywhere.

Military Grade Precision

We’ve designed, developed, and currently support over 2,000 simulators actively being used by our U.S. military. We are bringing this same level of precision to athletes and coaches everywhere.

VR for Everyone

VR training is not just for elite professional athletes, it is for everyone. Our products are tailored to meet the needs of athletes at every level of the game. We believe that VR training has a place in every sport at every level.

Ready to start training?